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Monday, August 5, 2013


 A few months ago we performed in Disneyland for our 30th anniversary!  These are a few of the highlights from the performance.

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Saturday, November 7, 2009


Thought you might enjoy seeing our latest costume for this new and completely talented SGU class:

In other news: Some of us decided to sport some old AAC costumes for Halloween. Mom got really into it. She even wore some of her 80's parrot earrings!

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Clogging Begins Again!

After a three year hiatus, Nicole started teaching clogging in SGU again! Here are her current students: 7 gorgeous and very talented girls enrolled in an intermediate class. If you think you would fit into this class, come on over. Register through continuing ed or email Nicole at nhadley@scmiddle.org

To these fabulous ladies:
  • Show the newsletter to your parents
  • I have scheduled a Christmas performance (more info in class)
  • Practice Grand Old Flag and the "Oh Ya" step like crazy!
  • See you next week

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Polly's Recital 2009

The All American Cloggers are still kicking and rock-stepping!

Leave it to Polly to keep the clogging tradition alive! Since Cindy and Nicole moved to tap and took a break from clogging, Polly has been teaching Grand Old Flag to yet another generation of cloggers! Her latest recital was this past May (2009) at the old Fine Arts Center in Hurricane.

(Above) Meg Metcalf performs a tap solo as a filler number at Polly's recital.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yes, Polly is still dancing AND TEACHING! In fact, her students once again claimed the overall team trophy at the Dixie Clog Competition. This last year Meg Metcalf helped Polly with her classes and they recently held a recital in Hurricane at the old Fine Arts Center (please tell them to NOT tear that beautiful building down).

More recently, the tappers in our family learned the MOST DIFFICULT original choreography to Moses Supposes from Singing in the Rain. We performed it for the HHS Broadway Magic fundraiser last Spring. It is certainly one of the more difficult dances I've ever had to memorize! What's more is that Mom learned it by watching the movie with Gene Kelly! There were a few parts where she had to copy the sounds (sheesh). It took her days and days- any lesser of a dancer could not have picked it up.

She originally learned this famous tap dance to teach to the advanced tap company at Diamond Talent where she has been teaching strictly tap for almost 10 years.

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DI SURPRISE: You won't believe what we found!

Mom and I went to DI to look for Halloween costumes and instead, we came across these beauties! Heaven forbid someone DONATE their old clogging costumes- We couldn't believe someone simply gave them away. The "flag costume" has always been Mom''s favorite.

The sad news for the culprit is that we always wrote each student's name on their costume with magic marker so we know exactly who decided to discard these priceless relics (we won't divulge the name for their own protection). The good news is that we bought these babies right there on the spot and took them home for our collection.

FYI: We DO keep all clogging costumes in storage so that future classes may borrow or rent them to save money. This is especially helpful for a 2nd costume or themed dance. PLEASE, if you are giving away your costumes, BRING THEM TO US! We will gladly take them on and let the tradition continue as we strive to be frugal in all our costuming practices.

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